Painting and Finishes in Fresno, CA

Painting and Finishes in Fresno, Sacramento, Stockton, CA and Surrounding Areas

At Help Your Home California., we use High Quality Premium Products from Life Paint. Their products maintain many proprietary formulas and serve as a leader in using new technologies to enhance and improve coating performance, environmentally friendly products for the coatings industry.

Professional Craftmanship

All Lifetime Plus Coating products are only applied by highly trained licensed and certified professionals. Every step of the Lifetime Plus Coating process from initial preparation to polished finish is thoroughly researched and applied.

A Strong Tradition of Dependable Service, Lifetime Plus and Life Paint product installations have been ongoing since 1963.

Lifetime Guarantee

Help Your Home California. likes how many of Life Paint products have Lifetime Guarantees. Providing the confidence our customers are looking for when it comes to such a large investment in their homes. Lifetime Plus Coatings of America surpasses the industry standard with their transferable 10 year Product Warranty and Lifetime Warranty against “cracking” or “peeling”.

50 Years of Service

Life Paint products have been in the business of helping homeowners and companies protect their exterior surfaces from sun, wind, rain, dirt, smog and old age. This is why Energy Star Construction, Inc. chose Life Paint as the number one paint product we use for our customers

Lifetime Plus Coatings does not have their products sold in traditional Retail Stores. These products are only available through installation partners, like Energy Star Construction, Inc.

No other company currently matches the all encompassing


Lifetime Plus Coatings of America transferable 10 year Product Warranty and Lifetime Warranty against “cracking” or “peeling”. The service life of a Stretch-Guard Elastomeric Coating can extend well beyond the years of ordinary paint, saving money on costly repainting and providing an excellent return on investment.